SAWD's primary service is development and implementation of effective, innovative and appealing websites.

SEO Auditing services are available independently or at no charge as part of an optimisation package.

Connected branding services include logo design, social media, advertising and marketing materials, and business card and stationery design.

SAWD projects are usually coded from scratch. Most clients already have a brand, and SAWD crafts their new web presence to project that identity unless rebranding is a specific requirement. Template 'sites in a box' such as WordPress are only used if requested.

If feasible, SAWD also upgrades existing websites. This is usually done to convert a static site to a responsive site with mobile usability. It can be a cost-effective way to extend the life of an aging site.

Why Choose SAWD?

SAWD applies the highest standards of creative and technical excellence to every project, regardless of size or scope.

SAWD is detail-oriented and places a strong emphasis on SEO - a critical process neglected by most web design firms.

SAWD has extensive experience helping clients from a wide range of business fields and specialty areas. Their sites have a lifespan over twice the average. All receive honest, thorough service and ongoing support - often outside regular business hours.

Simply put, SAWD sites generate interest, business and revenue! I am happy to answer enquiries of any type.